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Home insurance is important to every individual who owns a home, as this type of insurance provides coverage and protection over your investment, shelter, and personal space. No matter what type of home you live in, there are risks that you must think about when looking for the perfect coverage for your home. By selecting the appropriate insurance, you will be given peace of mind knowing that the place you spend most of your time is protected from unexpected events.

At Hartman Insurance Agency, we understand how valuable a person’s home is to their life. This is where you sleep at night, wake up and prepare to start each day, and raise your children. Our insurance agents are knowledgeable and experienced in protecting your home. We will do everything we can to find the perfect policy option that covers your concerns regarding your home.

The Types of Risks Covered by Home Insurance

If an unexpected event occurs and causes damage to your home, it is important to know and understand what your home insurance covers. While different types of insurance policies cover different risks, the following are the most common risks covered by home insurance policies:

The Importance of Home Insurance

Home insurance is very important to any individual who calls a place home. This is because home insurance has specific goals in mind, which are to protect you, your home, and your personal items from accidents, severe weather, fires, and theft. When an unexpected event leads to unexpected costs, your home insurance will help you pay for the expenses.

Michigan Home Insurance FAQs

What is Home Insurance?

Home insurance protects your home and personal belongings from unexpected events that can happen at any time. For example, if someone falls on your property and is injured, your home insurance policy may cover these expenses. If a hailstorm comes through your area and damages the roof of your house, your home insurance may cover the costs. Reading your entire home insurance policy and seeing what it covers is important.

How Does Home Insurance Work?

You can file a claim with the insurance company if your home is damaged. Once they receive your claim, they will assess the damage and find out what happened. Next, they will process your claim and provide compensation to cover the damage. You may be required to pay for part of the damage if your home insurance does not cover the full amount.

What Does Home Insurance Typically Cover?

Home insurance typically covers the following:

  • Medical expenses if someone has been hurt on your property
  • Fire damage
  • Weather damage
  • Water damage
  • Your belongings and assets
  • Your house and other parts that come with it, such as a building or garage

Different home insurance policies can cover different things. It is important to ensure the words used in your insurance policy are correctly understood.

How Much Does Home Insurance Cost?

The cost of home insurance can vary greatly depending on where you live, the environment surrounding your home, the weather conditions the area typically experiences, how old your home is, and what comes with your home. The more risks you have, the higher the price of your home insurance.

Determining the exact cost of your home insurance can be a complicated process that our agents at Hartman Insurance Agency will handle for you. We understand that everyone has unique needs and circumstances, so we will speak with you and find the perfect coverage that matches your needs.

Should You Take Pictures and Document Your Belongings?

It is beneficial to write down all your belongings and take photographs. If you decide to do this, make sure you keep the pictures and documents in a safe place that you will remember. You may need to show this when you file a claim.

Does Home Insurance Cover Everything?

No, home insurance does not cover everything. Here is a list of some of the things it does not typically cover:

  • Nuclear hazards
  • Earthquakes
  • Failure to make your repairs
  • Decay
  • Contamination
  • Wear and tear
  • Pests and animals
  • Power outages
  • Government actions or war

Is Jewelry Covered Under a Home Insurance Policy?

There is not much coverage provided for jewelry under a basic home insurance policy. You may need to purchase additional coverage if you have a significant amount of jewelry for which you need protection. A Michigan insurance agent will help you decide if you need to purchase additional coverage for your jewelry or other important valuables.

Can Your Neighbor Take You to Court if They Fall and Become Injured on Your Property?

Yes, your neighbor can take you to court if they fall and become injured on your property. However, your home insurance should cover their medical costs and your legal costs. Your insurance agent will review your policy if you need to ensure this is covered.

Should You Make Changes to Your Home to Get a Lower Insurance Rate?

While you must purchase home insurance to ensure that your home is protected in case an unexpected event happens, you may want to consider making changes to your home to get a lower insurance premium. The following are a few changes you can make:

  • Make sure you have deadbolt locks installed
  • Have a security system in place
  • Install smoke detectors
  • Put in a sprinkler system for fires
  • Quit smoking inside the home
  • Put in fire alarms
  • Make sure that walkways are always clear from snow and ice to prevent falls

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