Should I Get Insurance With My Rental Car?

Our Milan insurance agents explain how to ensure you are protected when renting a car.

People in Milan rent cars for various reasons. Perhaps theirs is in the shop, they need temporary transportation, or are relying on a rental as part of their vacation or for business reasons. Aside from the type of vehicle you rent and the price you pay, one of the biggest concerns (and most common frustrations) regards whether you need rental car insurance. At Hartman Insurance Agency, Inc., we help clients in these cases. Find out how to get the protection you need at a price you can afford.

Determining Whether You Need Rental Car Insurance In Milan, Michigan

Rental car companies provide a valuable service. Whether you need a car temporarily for personal or business reasons, these companies have you covered. Once you indicate the type of vehicle you want, the dates you need it, and the amount it will cost, you will be prompted to either accept or decline rental car company insurance coverage.

According to Enterprise Apps, car rental companies make over $99 billion dollars per year. In addition to rental car payments from customers, one of their biggest sources of revenue is from insurance policies they offer.

Car rental companies typically charge exorbitant prices for coverage. With limited experience in the industry, consumers may not be aware of their options. These typically include:

One of the most common questions concerns whether rental car insurance is provided through your credit card company. It may be in some cases, but there are often strict stipulations, and the total amount of coverage may be limited.

Reducing Rental Car Liability Through Your Milan Auto Insurance Coverage

Does your current auto insurance coverage protect you in a rental car? That depends on the type of policy you have in place, your policy limits, and the reasons you are renting the vehicle.

NerdWallet warns that while your car insurance may cover you in a rental car, it is generally limited and only applies to vehicles rented for personal reasons. To ensure you are protected and to avoid liability, our Milan auto insurance agents recommend the following:

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