Is it Illegal to Not Have Insurance?

Insurance prevents you from suffering financial losses when unexpected events happen. There are policies designed to protect your home, health, business, future needs, and your family in the event of your passing. While having adequate coverage is a smart idea, it is generally not legally required. The exception is automobile insurance. Hartman Insurance Agency, Inc. explains what is required by law and the penalties you could face for not having car insurance.

Auto Insurance Requirements in Michigan

The Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services advises that as one of a dozen no-fault states, all motorists are required to maintain a mandatory minimum level of auto insurance coverage. This helps reduce lawsuits and offsets the high costs of personal injuries and property damages that often result from crashes. A basic no-fault auto insurance policy in Michigan has three components:

Legally required minimum coverage limits pay up to $50,000 for each person hurt or killed due to car accident injuries and up to $100,000 if multiple people are involved. As these amounts typically fail to cover the total cost of a crash, it is strongly recommended that you put additional coverage in place.

Penalties You Could Face for Not Having Auto Insurance in Michigan

Motorists who fail to have auto insurance could be held personally liable for losses others suffer in the event of a crash. Not having the required minimum amount of coverage in place could also subject you to criminal penalties. Under Michigan motor vehicle insurance guidelines, these include:

If you provide false evidence of insurance to avoid these penalties, you could face additional fines, jail time, and suspension of your driving privileges.

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