How Often Do Snowmobile Accidents Occur?

Those in cold climates, such as in Michigan, tend to own snowmobiles or perhaps rent them from time to time. Riding a snowmobile can be a fun recreational activity. Not many people think about the dangers of snowmobiles, but they can be involved in crashes just like cars and trucks.

Of course, motor vehicle accidents are much more common, but if you are considering purchasing a snowmobile, you may wonder about the dangers involved. Are injuries common? What are your chances of getting into a fatal accident?

Two million people in North America enjoy snowmobiling. The modern snowmobile can weigh more than 600 pounds and go as fast as 90 miles per hour. In Michigan, there are roughly 15 deaths per year due to snowmobile accidents. Across the United States, 14,000 people are injured in crashes, with almost 200 people suffering fatalities. In Michigan, trail season runs from December 1 through March 31.

Some examples of snowmobile accidents in Michigan include:

The common theme in these cases is that drivers are losing control and hitting objects such as trees. In many cases, they are getting ejected, which can lead to severe injuries.

There are many reasons for these accidents. One common one is inexperience. Not many people are experienced operators. They don’t take training courses or spend a lot of time learning how to ride. They may hop on a snowmobile and try to figure it out as they go. This leads to serious accidents.

Speed is another issue. Snowmobiles can go very fast — more than 90 miles an hour. This is too fast for windy trails. When a person goes too fast and cannot control the snowmobile, they can crash into a tree or other object.

Substance abuse is also common. Approximately 30% of snowmobile fatalities involve alcohol and drug use. It is important to be sober while riding a snowmobile. Intoxication makes an operator less alert, making crashes more likely to occur.

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Snowmobile accidents are not as common as car crashes, but it is important to understand that injuries and fatalities can happen due to human error and other factors.

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