How Long Has it Been Since You Reviewed Your Insurance Coverage?

You purchase and pay for insurance coverage because it helps to protect your assets and yourself in the event of losses. It is not unusual, however, to purchase a plan, make the automatic payments, and pretty much forget about it. Insurance is designed to provide you with peace of mind, and to maximize this effect, it’s important to regularly review your policies to ensure they continue to provide you with the coverage you’re looking for and need.

If you have questions or concerns about your insurance coverage, reach out to a well-established Michigan insurance agency for the skilled guidance you’re looking for.

Home Insurance

You purchased your home insurance when you bought your home, but you may not have thought about it much since then. Your insurance needs, however, have likely changed. To begin, the value of your property could have increased beyond your policy limits.

Another consideration to keep in mind is that the property you have inside your house may not be adequately covered by your policy or may not be covered at all. When you were just starting out and buying your house, this might not have been a major concern. Since time has passed and you’ve acquired more assets, however, you may want to consider content insurance – or personal property coverage – for valuable assets like the following:

To increase storage space and secure your vehicles and other property, you may decide to build a detached garage onto your home. To make sure the new construction is properly covered, immediately let your home insurance provider know about this addition. It is crucial to let your home insurance provider know about any new valuable possessions and property additions such as a detached garage or storage building.

Renters Insurance

For those who rent, renters’ insurance is important for protecting your belongings from fire, flooding, and burglary. The renter’s insurance that you purchased back in the day may not even come close to covering the assets you’ve accumulated over the years, which makes reviewing your policy well-advised.

Life Insurance

You probably purchased life insurance coverage long ago, and if you haven’t experienced any major shake-ups in your life since then, the policy or policies you have may serve your needs. Over the course of time, however, it’s important to stay on top of your estate planning needs – in relation to supporting your loved ones after you pass. As such, you may find that an increase in coverage is in order.

Additionally, if any of the following have happened since you purchased the policy, it’s likely time to update your beneficiaries:

Car Insurance

When it comes to car insurance, there are a lot of options out there. The policy that you chose years ago may or may not offer the coverage and value you’re looking for now. Taking the time to review your policy with a knowledgeable insurance provider could save you money – and afford you greater peace of mind.

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