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Why are Insurance Rates Going Up?

Adverse weather, higher repair costs, and greater liability risks are behind the increase in homeowner’s insurance rates. Insurance prices have risen dramatically in recent years, particularly regarding homeowners’ policies. If you suffer sticker shock while shopping for coverage or paying your latest bill, you are likely wondering what is driving…

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Does Renters Insurance Increase Annually?

The cost of renters insurance and whether it increases depends upon several factors. Most people who have rented an apartment or a home, or rented out their property to others, have a clause in their rental contract mentioning renters insurance. While it may seem like renters insurance is only necessary…

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What Is an Insurance Premium?

If you have an insurance policy, you’ve likely heard the terms premiums, policy limits, and deductibles used frequently enough, but you may also be confused about which is which. And if you are, you should know that you’re not alone. Better understanding the terms related to your insurance helps to…

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Are You Moving this Summer?

If you’re moving to Ann Arbor, Saline, Dexter, Milan, Clinton, Chelsea, or anywhere in Washtenaw County, Michigan, finding the best insurance coverage for your new home and vehicle is essential for protecting your assets and ensuring peace of mind. You want coverage that meets your needs for the best possible…

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Should I Get Renter’s Insurance?

Some landlords require you to have renters insurance, but others do not. If it is not mandatory for your rental home, should you consider purchasing a policy anyway? Absolutely, getting renters insurance is a smart move and offers numerous benefits and protection for tenants. Many people wish they had renter’s…

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Does My Home Insurance Cover Floods?

While you might not have too many concerns about floods in Michigan, our state has seen its fair share of flash flooding and severe floods. Any type of flood can quickly damage or destroy property - including your home. This damage can be devastating and costly, as well as dangerous…

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