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Should I Have Collision Insurance?

Car accidents are unfortunately common in Michigan, and even a relatively minor crash could result in extensive financial damage. Auto insurance policies protect you against having to pay out-of-pocket for losses that occur as a result. While the state requires all drivers to have a minimum amount of coverage, this…

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Is it Illegal to Not Have Insurance?

Insurance prevents you from suffering financial losses when unexpected events happen. There are policies designed to protect your home, health, business, future needs, and your family in the event of your passing. While having adequate coverage is a smart idea, it is generally not legally required. The exception is automobile…

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Why are Car Insurance Rates Increasing?

Auto insurance rates have increased 17% to 19% just over the last year due to several factors. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Price Index, auto insurance rates have increased more than 17% to 19% over the past year. As a result, all drivers across the country,…

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What is Gap Insurance?

The law requires you to have a minimum amount of auto insurance coverage, though the minimum level is often inadequate to cover you following a serious accident or event. There are other types of insurance coverages that can help ensure you have comprehensive coverage in the event of an incident….

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No-Fault Reform and PIP Medical Options

In 2019, Michigan’s governor signed a new law that reformed the state’s no-fault auto insurance system, making significant changes to personal injury protection (PIP) medical coverage options for drivers. These changes took effect on July 1, 2020, and have since impacted how Michigan drivers can purchase and use PIP medical…

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