Ann Arbor Insurance Services

Ann Arbor Insurance Services

Hartman Insurance has been providing trusted guidance on insurance coverage in Michigan since 1946, and we sincerely care about the well-being of every client. Reach out today to learn more about our insurance services and how we might help you, your family, and your business.

The following are some insurance needs we can help fulfill.

Auto Insurance

Michigan recently completely revamped its auto insurance laws and requirements, so when it is time to renew, many drivers don’t know where to begin or what they need to protect themselves and comply with the law. An experienced Ann Arbor insurance professional can assess your needs and help determine the right coverage for you.

Business Insurance

If you own a business, unexpected losses can be costly - and they can even jeopardize your entire operation. Having the right business insurance coverage is critical to protect you and your company. We can assist you in obtaining various policies, including:

We know how important your business is to your family and your livelihood, and we can help keep it fully protected.

Home Insurance

Your home is one of the most important and valuable investments you might make in your life, so you want to ensure you have full protection in case the unexpected happens. Many things can cause damage and other losses that can break the bank. With the right home insurance, however, you are covered in the event of a disaster.

Our insurance professionals can put together comprehensive home insurance coverage based on your needs, and your policies might include coverage for:

Having the right home insurance protects your family and your investment when the unthinkable occurs. Different policies cover different damage and aspects of your home, and we can identify the coverage you need.

Life Insurance

If you pass away, you want to protect your surviving family members, and life insurance is one of the best ways to do so. Life insurance provides financial benefits to your beneficiaries after your death, which can help cover funeral expenses, joint debts, and anything else necessary. Life insurance provides a cushion and financial support for your loved ones in a time of grief.

Umbrella Liability Insurance

While you might think you have the insurance policies you need, there might be gaps in your coverage, especially if you own a camper, boat, ATV, motorcycle, or similar property. Umbrella liability coverage can provide protection when your base insurance does not.

Umbrella policies can help cover losses and liability from injuries, property damage, and other personal liabilities. It can be an immense help in the event of a lawsuit or other allegations of liability against you. We can help you determine whether umbrella liability insurance is wise for you.

Seeking the Best Insurance Options? Our Ann Arbor Insurance Professionals Can Help

Hartman Insurance is a third-generation insurance agency dedicated to our community and helping clients obtain the best possible protection against the unexpected. If you need assistance selecting insurance coverage, never hesitate to reach out to our team. Contact us today to discuss your insurance needs and how we can help!


After a few years with Hartman Insurance Agency my only regret is that I didn’t switch sooner.  I have always been a direct insurance consumer and it was not until I switched to Hartman Insurance Agency I realized the savings, in both money and time, that I have missed out on over the years.

Service has been, and continues to be, outstanding from my agent Jill.  Her personal touch, timeliness, and follow-through is second to none.  I have thrown many fast curveballs at her, and she has yet to miss even once.”

~Anders Varga, Ann Arbor MI

I have worked with Jill Durnen and her team at Hartman Insurance Agency for many years. They are responsive to my calls and e-mails, which hasn’t been the case with previous insurance agencies. They shop around for the best deal possible and provide options that make sense. I have worked with them for car insurance, home insurance, umbrella insurance, and insurance for rental properties. I have been incredibly pleased with their services, and I recommend them to anyone seeking insurance.

~Alex Milshteyn, Ann Arbor MI

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